This initiative of the get easy with Law is to provide the law students in India with the Short reading manuals  and projects on various topics which would be shared on the daily basis to help the law students in India to learn the basics of the legal topics with ease and make their assignments with its help. Thick books, boring lectures and confusing notes make law education makes studies as well as life awful as it is dilemmatic to study in these circumstances but not it all will get over as we the Jusprudentia have brought out this initiative for splitting away from all these quandaries. Now studies will be good as the legal concept of every law student will be cured by the service of jusprudentia initiative VidhiPedia.


We the Jusprudentia pleads to all the law scholars, Professors and others who prepare such short legal reading manual to contribute with us by contributing the manuals and project and assignments with our initiative VidhiPedia to help the student in India as well as abroad.