Law School Review

Presently, there is a lack of information about law schools. Other than the top 10-15 law schools, law aspirants are confused as to how good or bad an X, Y or Z Law College is. We are trying to change this so that law aspirants can make informed decisions about the law schools they wish to study in.

First things first. Since it’s a huge concern amongst law students, let’s make one thing clear: a positive or negative review about your college has negligible impact on RECRUITERS.

Recruiters are intelligent people. They know that the review (like any form of writing) is ‘subjective’. How the college’s students do during internships and their interactions during workshops/seminars etc. have far greater impact on what recruiters think of your college.

While sharing your inputs, please be as OBJECTIVE and COMPREHENSIVE as possible. Do include the PERSONAL and the funny!

Put in everything you’d tell your YOUNGER SISTER/brother/cousin about your law school.

Now, to tackle SUBJECTIVITY in these law school reviews, we have 4 mechanisms in place:

  1. Multiple reviews: Reviews by both lovers and haters should balance things out.
  2. Nearly un-moderated Comments: To make for an open and potent discussion platform.
  3. Reader’s discretion: All such reviews will be unedited. This lets the personality/biases of the writer be shown in the write-up.
  4. Official response: We’ll try get the college to send official responses to the critical pieces.

NOTE: Purely advertorial or defamatory write-ups will not be published.

Please wear a MENTOR’S HAT while writing the review. Write this for the law aspirant, not for your law college.

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